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Song of Songs: we’re all in this together

A choir meets to rehearse. They are trying to find a song to make things better. Heartbeats synchronise when people sing together. But is harmony possible when the world feels precarious? This piece involves a 60 strong choir, live music and a verbatim text. It asks us to think about the nature of community and how we love.

The Brighton Laboratory is working in collaboration with Jam Tarts, a sixty strong indie choir, to develop a piece for the fringe. This is a scratch performance of work which we hope might have the potential to tour. Our starting point was to ask everyone to pick their favourite song…. lately we have been dancing together! Our show is in Elm Grove Primary School where the choir rehearse. Only two shows at 3pm and 6pm on the 8th May. Tickets available from the fringe website.

Our fantastic image for the show is photograph courtesy of Paul Tucker Photography. Neon artwork by Karen Ay.












'Fascinating viewing! The Twighlight Zone in Brighton! Very enjoyable.'

'For once something I won't forget at the Festival.'

'Intriguing and captivating performance. Better than PunchDrunk.'

'Really enjoyed this highly original and entertaining piece. Very inspiring and engaging.'




"The lines between theatre and reality are totally blurred"

2015 Brighton Festival Productions - House & House 2

"The performers are convincing; the attention to detail meticulous; the staging inventive while believable."
The Argus
"The attention to detail is considerable and there’s a poignant sense of recurrence at work, the same fateful moment repeating, echoing across the decades."
The Stage




"Very Clever Puzzle Makers"

2014 Brighton Festival Production - The House Project 
"This is a piece that pushes boundaries, plays with time and has the sense of a cracked reality which was at times reminiscent of David Lynch. One of the most exciting pieces I've seen in a very long time and an unforgettable viewing experience". ****
Broadway Baby
"The House Project is a poignant piece of theatre about a house, a family and the way the two are intertwined. This is a thoroughly well-constructed piece of theatre" ****
A Younger Theatre